Advanced production line

The new pipe production line adopted by Shengyang Technology is suitable for the extrusion of various polyolefin pipes. The production line has a high degree of automation, stable and reliable production, and can provide inner and outer layer composite and multilayer composite pipe extrusion for large diameter pipes.

Shengyang Technology has an advanced injection molding machine with precise process control, high output and stable quality. A complete set of matching pipe fitting molds is available for customers.

Precise multi-angle welding equipment completes large-diameter matching pipe fittings.


Strict quality inspection

Shengyang Technology strictly implements the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and attaches importance to process control. In order to ensure a high starting point, high standards, the testing center is equipped with comprehensive testing and experimental equipment. From raw materials to finished products, strict inspections are performed every 8 hours. Testing of hammer impact test and Vicat test. These tests ensure that we use the highest quality raw materials and produce products that meet standards. "Shengyang" products are strictly marked with production shifts and production dates, so that product quality can be monitored and traceable.